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GeneConnect is a new healthcare platform bridging the gap between medical professionals and patients. Thanks to dwindling costs and emerging technologies, genomics and genetic testing will soon become an available resource for millions.

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As more genome data is discovered, we will provide informative news and updates to help you live better.

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Provide your doctor with your complete genetic map to ensure a more accurate diagnosis.

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We plan to bridge the genomic information gap between patient and physician. Our application allows a patient to share his or her genomic results with a physician via electronic medical record. We deliver the genomic results and relevant clinical decision support material to help doctors understand patient care implications and develop appropriate treatment options.

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Jason Gegere

A passionate & creative developer focused on making things work.

Michael Facchinello

Development of early stage companies.

Asim Malik

Management consultant advised companies across the globe on strategy and execution. Kellogg MBA

Prem Sundivakkam. Ph.D

Consultant & Scientific Advisor

Biomedical scientist with significant interests in improving health care technology.

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